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 I've got your number

  John was just keeping quiet whilst he prepared the coffee in a takeaway mug but shrugged his shoulders as a  way  of answering Matt's comments when the other customer spoke again.

 "You never know what's around that next corner, and I think the signs are good for you."  The Stranger smiled  briefly and looked up to the sky whilst cocking his head as if to wink at Matt.  "Someone up there is looking down on  you.  Your luck will change for the better, and probably quicker than you think."  The stranger spoke like he was one  of those religious doom-mongers but his tone also had a sense of truth about it.  He then touched his hat as if to  pardon himself before leaving.  He almost disappeared into thin air as he went nippily on his way into the crowded  pavement.  Matt's expression was quizzical as he absorbed what the stranger had said.  Certain words like 'luck' and  'change' seemed to resonate louder than others, but he quickly concluded that the stranger was talking bull.  Matt  looked at his watch.  It was already half past eight.  

   An excerpt from Chapter 2 'Looking for a job'.


 The Tree Doctor

  'The Docs' mood changed very quickly.  "You know when I was a young lad I had a special place to go when I

   was sad." 

  "Did you?"

  "Yes.  Do you have a place?"  The Doc asked her.  Louise thought for a few seconds. 

  "I suppose I do."

  "And where's that then?"

  "I'm not telling you."  Louise sounded quite indignant.

  "I won't tell you where my place is then."

  "Oh go on.  Where do you go?"

  "I go and sit in the tree."  The Doc said it with pride as if Louise should have been impressed with what he had

   just told her.

  "The tree, Doctor?"  Louise thought it sounded a typical boy place.  "That's a daft place."

  "No really it's a place you could also go to."

  "Why would I want to go and sit in a tree?"

     An excerpt from Chapter 8 'Talking to Louise'

 Short Story

 She had me fooled

 'I was doing the usual stop start drive in the early morning rush hour traffic trying to make my way into work  when thump, I felt the force of the car behind hitting me.  The next few moments I have relived many many  times as I felt the jolt move through my upper body and neck.  It took me a few seconds to realise what had  happened.  Perhaps it was shock.  I looked into my rear view mirror and saw clearly that the driver of the car  that had crashed into me was a woman.  She was blond but I don't think registered with me immediately.  I  

 was just so angry and ready to blast her with a few ill chosen words about her driving abilities.'

​    A short excerpt from the short story 'She had me fooled'.


 Breydon Water

                                                It's a sight that warms my heart and

                                                   lets me know I'm coming home

                                                     gentle waters lapping reeds,

                            and to see her great expanse before my eyes,

                                so flat, so still, so gentle,

                                   providing life and home for birds and beasts.

                                                      She exposes her heart in muddy form

                                                                                  whenever tide is low as

                                                         the veins of water show their route,

                                 but to cross her wave tossed seas by boat

                             is an experience most lasting;

                       I yearn to make that trip again.

                                      Then, framed by posts bent over years

                                            one sees that sugar smoke from far

                                                          pointing the way of the wind

                                                 as she marks

                                    the coming of the town

                         and the end

                                of tiresome journeys,

                                       Oh beautiful

                                              Breydon Water.

    ​Poem about Breydon Water near Great Yarmouth, written in January 2010.

  On this page are excerpts of novels, short stories & poems which will be changed regularly.


 We need a Revolution

 'Everyone travelling by car nowadays knew the score and all would have their papers out ready.  There would  occasionally be the need to remind someone that one of their documents would be out of date soon but    nothing more serious than that.  "Papers please!"  The soldier asked the driver of the next car.  He was polite  but forceful and left the person in no doubt what was required.  The man sat there and just looked at him.  "Papers.  Now!"  It was time to concentrate.  The Private looked quickly in the direction of one of the more  experienced soldiers, Private Kenton Bridge and he immediately tuned in to the fact that there was someone  being unhelpful.  Kenton checked there was only one person in the car so moved around to the passenger side  of the car and cocked his automatic to show support.'

      An excerpt from Chapter 1 'Early Indications'.