Author and Writer

   Works in progress

NOVELS  - SEVEN WOMEN (this novel has been completed and will be published sometime in the future) 

                         A story about how seven women, brought together through a social club, seem to have much more in common than any of them would have first

                         expected.  Most of the women are widows and they relive special moments in their lives remembering how much in love they once were but this

                         uncovers some spooky coincidences.

                         A SUMMER OF PASSION (this novel will be the fifth written by David E. Merrifield)

                  This is a story about a young couple who spend a summer in a country cottage in the West Country but allow a young lady to stay with them who

​                         teaches them about different aspects of love and life. 

                                                                 Future ideas

As already mentioned David has around 25 stories waiting to be turned into novels.  More poetry is written occasionally and a

collection is planned for publication in the future.  There are ideas for television drama and comedy series ready to be expanded and a number of verses for greetings cards available.  This is just a selection of what may be written in the coming years.