23rd July 2018: ​The writing juices are flowing a lot better now than a couple of weeks ago and my research work is moving on.  I'm also pleased to have a few more ideas for further books, just hope I'm able to get round to writing them all.

19th July 2018:  ​Cracking on with a bit more writing in the last couple of days with plenty of new stuff to come.

​15th July 2018:  Just attended my first Edgelit event in Derby this weekend.  Well done to Alex for organising this.  I met some interesting people and sold some books so not a bad weekend.  Hopefully may have made some good contacts as well.

​19th May 2018:  ​Haven't been able to do very much writing as spending most of my spare time organising the 2nd Great Yarmouth Author Fair.  It's hard work trying to get anyone interested in it!!!

16th April 2018:  More writing at the moment working more on my follow-up novel to 'I've got your number'.  I'm excited about how it has started off so hope this feeling will stay with me for the rest of the story.  The Great Yarmouth Author Fair has also begun to show a little more interest.  I think I'm up to 10 authors now.  Not a lot but it'll do.

8th April 2018:  Not much of interest going on as far as my writing is concerned.  Like a lot of writers, knuckling down and writing is what I'm trying to do now whilst also working 3 jobs and living a normal life.  What is a normal life anyway?  Have got my 6th author for the Great Yarmouth Author Fair but have to say the response is just poor.  I don't do much on Facebook or Twitter which may be a contributory factor but I'm not going down that road.  Again it is strange how many people rely on getting all their news and information through just a couple of platforms.  If it isn't on Facebook then it obviously isn't happening!!!  I don't think so. 

4th April 2018:  Doing a bit more writing today and working on various books that I have on the go.

1st April 2018:  ​Haven't had a very good response to the 2nd Great Yarmouth Author Fair which I'd hoped we could build on from last year.  I think we had about 13 or 14 authors last year but so far for 2018 I only have 5.  I haven't got the time to keep chasing people for this so this will be the last time I organise this event.

20th March 2018:  Have at last got back to some writing.  As always have a number of novels or stories on the go at varying stages of completion.  I'm waiting for some editing to come back as well on a completed novelette so a lot to keep on top of.

15th March 2018:  This month I've been trying to do a bit more promotion of myself and my books.  I really only have flyers for The Somerby Tree at the moment but have been giving these out to hopefully interested parties.  Most of the time people are pleasant but you do still get the odd one who does not understand what I'm doing.  It will be someone reading a book who I approach and ask if they will take a flyer advertising a new book that may or may not be to their liking.  They refuse to touch the flyer (almost like I'm trying to infect them) saying No thanks I'll decide what books I want to read.  When I ask them how will they decide if they like my book or not they tell me that they will look at books at the bookstore and when I tell them that my book will not be there they just see that as my problem!!!  It is very frustrating!!!  The big publishers still have everything sewn up in their favour.  So enough moaning, upwards and onwards to the next possible customer.

27th February 2018:  ​Okay, so I've been in hibernation!!!  The move to my new house brought along a number of problems and writing has had to take a back seat.  But with luck I'll find a bit more time in the coming weeks to get going again.

29th December 2017:  So Christmas is over and 2018 is fast approaching and the distraction of over-eating, drinking and parties is slowing down a bit it's back to the hard work of knuckling down and writing again.  Got a little bit out of sync as I've also moved home so hopefully by very early January I will be back into the swing of things.

13th December 2017:  ​Doing a good bit of research work at the moment on my current books that I'm working on.  It all takes time to try and get as much perfectly accurate as possible.  I suppose as the New Year comes in I will also be spending more time on the 2nd Great Yarmouth Author Fair.

4th December 2017:  Good to meet up with fellow local authors on Saturday but footfall was low and I for one got no sales which was a bit disappointing.  Helen has worked hard getting this event going but Beccles didn't greet it with open arms unfortunately.


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