29th December 2017:  So Christmas is over and 2018 is fast approaching and the distraction of over-eating, drinking and parties is slowing down a bit it's back to the hard work of knuckling down and writing again.  Got a little bit out of sync as I've also moved home so hopefully by very early January I will be back into the swing of things.

13th December 2017:  ​Doing a good bit of research work at the moment on my current books that I'm working on.  It all takes time to try and get as much perfectly accurate as possible.  I suppose as the New Year comes in I will also be spending more time on the 2nd Great Yarmouth Author Fair.

4th December 2017:  Good to meet up with fellow local authors on Saturday but footfall was low and I for one got no sales which was a bit disappointing.  Helen has worked hard getting this event going but Beccles didn't greet it with open arms unfortunately.

2nd December 2017:  Off to Beccles today for the Anglian Authors Unite Book Fair at Hungate Hall where I am hoping to meet up with many fellow writers ready for Christmas.  Not sure how much Beccles will greet us but hopefully a few members of the public will come in and have a look.  Have now moved out of my house and currently in a temporary arrangement staying with relatives.  All upside down at times but getting there.

20th November 2017:  Been a busy weekend sorting out things ready for our move, or at least the first part of it and I'm back in front of the computer again writing a little bit.  It can be very relaxing.

18th November 2017:  Haven't been able to write anything today as I'm hoping to move house in a couple of weeks so been spending the hours packing, sorting out junk and visiting the Town tip to get rid of what we don't need anymore.  Finding it hard to keep up the energy but think we are getting there.

15th November 2017:  Getting a few sales now of The Somerby Tree but there will now be a distinct lack of opportunities to sell anymore books for a while.  I'm attending the Fair in Beccles on 2nd December but apart from that there is a great lack of events that I can go to.  Still working on a number of forthcoming books - 'A summer of passion', 'The lost villages of The Forest', 'The ghost of Beccles Road' and 'A new Force' whilst I also have a book being edited currently so there's still a lot going on.

11th November 2017:  A reasonably successful book launch today at Lowestoft Library with a number of people coming to buy or at least enquire about The Somerby Tree.  The local newspaper didn't put any article in to help me advertise it so I should be particularly pleased with how many turned up.  Thanks to Jo and the other Library staff for the work put in to help me hold this launch.  Still hoping to get some more exposure though.

8th November 2017:  Met a very nice group of Ladies this afternoon at the Quill Creative Writing Group at the Newtown Methodist Hall in Great Yarmouth.  Some great questions and some helpful feedback on my books.  Thank you to Sue for organising it.  

7th November 2017:  Doing a talk at the Quill Creative Writing Group tomorrow in Great Yarmouth where I hope to meet a number of fellow creative writers.  The Somerby Tree is then being officially launched on Saturday.  I'm trying to move and keep working so it's all getting very busy.

21st October 2017:  Still working hard advertising my latest book.  It is very difficult to get the word out unless you have a big publisher behind you but I'm sure all my fellow authors are doing exactly the same.

19th October 2017:  Spent the day in London yesterday going to see the new Postal Train museum at Mount Pleasant.  This was a birthday present.  As always I take some flyers with me to hand to people on the trains and at stations who are either reading a book or a kindle.  This at least indicates that they have some interest in books.  As I'm doing all my own publicity I have to make this effort when ever I can but it always amazes me how rude some people can be or indeed aggressive towards me for the cheek that I should dare to hand them a flyer that they could quite easily say "thank you" to then throw it away as soon as I'm gone but NO, they will look at me as if I'm trying to pass on some sort of disease that I want to share.  Anyway, having said that I'm also pleased that there are also people out there who are completely the opposite and enquire what I'm handing out or even ask a bit about the book.  It makes it all worthwhile even if I'm unlikely to get any sales from it.  Today I handed out some more flyers locally which was much friendlier.

13th October 2017:  ​It's Friday 13th so looking for things to go wrong or at least give me a fright!!!  Having a bit of a rest today ready for the weekend as the family are away.  Have completed my flyers for the book launch so just need to print some off now and hand them out around town.  Also need to make contact with a Gorleston printer to see if they can print copies of my book for a better price than Createspace.

9th October 2017:  Very busy week this week but not much of it book orientated.  Still trying to get some more events sorted out for 2018.  The launch of 'The Somerby Tree' is now set for Saturday 11th November at Lowestoft Library.  I'll be there between 10:30 and 15:30 if anyone wants to come along and buy a copy.  I'll even sign it for you.

6th October 2017:  ​Wow!!!  Got stung by a wasp this afternoon for the very first time.  Strange sort of pain but luckily I'm not one who went into shock.  Keeping busy doing my various jobs as well as trying to keep the promotion of my books on track.  Difficult to manage time but I get there.

4th October 2017:  ​Finalising the details for a possible book launch of 'The Somerby Tree' in November.  It'll be on a Saturday so hopefully I can get a few people coming to have a look.

2nd October 2017:  Hoping for confirmation of another event in November although it will be a closed event but at least I'll be talking to some interested parties.  Seems like getting places to allow an author to talk about anything is getting harder and harder.  We need more events to attend so if there are any budding organisers out there, get organising as there are loads of us authors just looking for events.  

28th September 2017:  Bit of a grey miserable day today here in Lowestoft so will spend most of my time writing little bits.  I currently have 4 books to work on - 'The ghost of Beccles Road', 'The lost villages of the Forest', 'A summer of passion' and 'A new Force' but I'm also working on some poetry trying to get a little booklet together for the 2nd December.  That's the only event I currently have booked so will also be working to get some more events organised.

26th September 2017:  Working hard on my next book or should I say books as I have about 4 in various stages of completion from second draft finished to story planned out.  It seems to be the way I like to work with at least 3 stories on the go so I don't get overly engrossed in just 1 book.  I'm looking to organise a book launch for The Somerby Tree in November in Lowestoft if I can sort out a date.

23rd September 2017:  ​Yes a long time since I put anything on here but I've been trying to get over the fact that The Somerby Tree has actually been published.  I'm hoping to have a small book launch at Lowestoft Library in November and then will be at Beccles in December if anyone is interested.

3rd August 2017:  Things are moving on with The Somerby Tree and the front cover is now out.  I will advise on the exact publication date as soon as I know anything further.  I have a talk at gainsborough in Ipswich in less than 2 weeks so am not sure if I'll have any of my new books available to show them or not.  Saxmundham at the end of the month is looking more likely.

26th July 2017:  ​I think I'm there at last.  The cover for The Somerby Tree is finally at its conclusion and it looks like we are all systems go from here.  Obviously I don't want to vex anything but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  After this, comes sorting out the actual publication but I'm hopeful that this will prove to be the easy part.  It'll be great to have more than one book to sell for a change.  I've also got to think about my talk at Gainsborough in a couple of weeks.

14th July 2017:  ​Sorry folks, I was hoping to have better news about the publication of my next book but still we are trying to get the front cover right.  I know it's a pain but having waited all this time I don't want to rush this last little bit.  Believe me, I will get something on here as soon as I have the finished cover.

8th July 2017:  It's my 60th birthday tomorrow so today (as it's Saturday) we're having a barbeque party in the back garden to celebrate.  I'm then off to Wimbledon on Monday back home late Tuesday and then it's back to work.


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