26th September 2017:  Working hard on my next book or should I say books as I have about 4 in various stages of completion from second draft finished to story planned out.  It seems to be the way I like to work with at least 3 stories on the go so I don't get overly engrossed in just 1 book.  I'm looking to organise a book launch for The Somerby Tree in November in Lowestoft if I can sort out a date.

23rd September 2017:  ​Yes a long time since I put anything on here but I've been trying to get over the fact that The Somerby Tree has actually been published.  I'm hoping to have a small book launch at Lowestoft Library in November and then will be at Beccles in December if anyone is interested.

3rd August 2017:  Things are moving on with The Somerby Tree and the front cover is now out.  I will advise on the exact publication date as soon as I know anything further.  I have a talk at gainsborough in Ipswich in less than 2 weeks so am not sure if I'll have any of my new books available to show them or not.  Saxmundham at the end of the month is looking more likely.

26th July 2017:  ​I think I'm there at last.  The cover for The Somerby Tree is finally at its conclusion and it looks like we are all systems go from here.  Obviously I don't want to vex anything but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  After this, comes sorting out the actual publication but I'm hopeful that this will prove to be the easy part.  It'll be great to have more than one book to sell for a change.  I've also got to think about my talk at Gainsborough in a couple of weeks.

14th July 2017:  ​Sorry folks, I was hoping to have better news about the publication of my next book but still we are trying to get the front cover right.  I know it's a pain but having waited all this time I don't want to rush this last little bit.  Believe me, I will get something on here as soon as I have the finished cover.

8th July 2017:  It's my 60th birthday tomorrow so today (as it's Saturday) we're having a barbeque party in the back garden to celebrate.  I'm then off to Wimbledon on Monday back home late Tuesday and then it's back to work.

5th July 2017:  Horror!!!  Nightmare!!!  My broadband router went green light on me so without internet for about 30 hours.  Isn't it funny how much we come to rely on these modern ways.  Watched Wimbledon on telly instead.

3rd July 2017:  So the weekend Book Fair at Beccles is over.  There were a few people who came to look around the Town Hall but most seemed more interested in the photos of the old Mayors rather than what books were for sale.  It can be hard trying to sell your own books at times.  Met a couple of new authors though so that was good.  Making further steps towards getting the front cover of my next book right and ready for publication.  This has been a long hard job so hope readers think it has been worth it.

1st July 2017:  A good first day at Beccles Book Fair although not too many customers.

30th June 2017:  Yet another set-back for my new book front cover with possibly having to rethink the whole design again.  I never realised just how difficult getting a front cover could be but with every day that passes I do get a bit nearer to publication and I don't want to just publish half finished.  Will be at Beccles Book Fair this weekend in the Town Hall.

29th June 2017:  ​At the Beccles Book Fair this weekend and still waiting for the publication of my latest book to come together.  The waiting is quite difficult at times.

24th June 2017:  Went To Aldeburgh and Southwold today where both towns are having festivals of arts.  Spoke to a fellow writer 'Tim Fitzhigham' in Aldeburgh who may be able to help me get my television series off the ground.  Quite exciting.

22nd June 2017:  It's been a hot one today and the thunderstorms have now shown themselves if only for a brief twenty minutes.  The front cover for The Somerby Tree is now with my design expert and I'm hopeful that it will be back in the next couple of days so that Jo, my publisher can then get things moving to get it to print.  I will put a copy of the new cover on this website as soon as we have it available.

19th June 2017: Now have a bit of a chance to catch up on some things that have just had to be left over the last couple of months due to being exceptionally busy with the new book and the Author Fair.

18th June 2017: Had a very busy day at Christchurch in Great Yarmouth yesterday running the first ever Author Fair in the town as far as I can tell.  Jo co-organised it with me and my wife Louise helped out but there was plenty to do.  Didn't get too many people come and give us a look but the weather was great and most were probably either on the beach or in their back gardens sunbathing.  Despite this we managed to make a small profit of nearly £22 which will go to The Benjamin Foundation charity.  Thanks to all the authors who turned up.

​The Somerby Tree has taken a small step nearer to publication with the front cover having been tweaked by Jason to increase the dpi so that it can now hopefully be used for a front cover without losing what little definition it has.  Fingers crossed that it will be out by the 30th.  Jo produced some advance information sheets which were good.

31st May 2017: Been at Woodbridge Library today which went okay but a bit quieter than I'd hoped but perhaps many went to the Suffolk Show.  Good to meet up with Trevor again and colleague Tony but must also hope that one of my customers Kevin has finally got himself a work contract after looking for so many years.  Good luck Kevin.  The Somerby Tree is getting ever nearer to being ready for publication but I don't think I'll have it ready in time for the Yarmouth Author Fair which is a shame.  Heard from another couple of Great Yarmouth authors recently who I hope will be attending on the 17th June and looking forward to meeting some familiar faces on that Saturday.


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