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Finished works

A number of novels, short stories and poems have been completed and published or are ready for publication.

 My book 'I've got your number' is available at Beccles Books, Halesworth Bookshop, Jarrold's  Book   department in Norwich and at The HoltBookshop.  The book has been published by Catberry Press of  Lowestoft on their 'MindsEye' Speculative fiction imprint with the ISBN  of 978-0-99547-813-8.  The front  cover for 'I've got your number' is a painting called 'The Numbers Game' by  Gorleston artist Paul Pascall. ​ 

Latest News

Future Ideas

More novels are planned and David has outlines for T.V. series and other types of work.

The novel 'The lost villages of the Forest' is currently in the planning stage and will be the next book to be written.

The next novel 'The Somerby Tree' was published in August 2017.  Apologies for the delay in getting this book out but its here.  It's 633 pages and retails at £13.99.  The front cover for this book has been designed by East Coast College student Josh Cooper from Great Yarmouth.

Forthcoming novels

  • Last mission 

  • How would you spend it? 

  • Wars of the Rosettes

                                           Current project


   The next novel 'A summer of passion' is now being written 

  This novel is based in the 1970's and is a story about a young couple who spend a summer in   a small country cottage in the West Country which one of the main characters, Jeremy,        inherits from his Great Aunt.  The couple are learning about life and love and their   relationship is in its very early stages but there is also another young woman who stays with    them who takes their learning in other directions.  This will be the fifth novel written by

 David E. Merrifield.

  • Seven Women

  • A Summer of passion 

  • The lost villages of the Forest

The Author

First book published in February 2012.